It’s about time – supply chain’s day in the sun



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It’s unfortunate that it’s taken a global pandemic to put the spotlight on one of the most important parts of a business – supply chain. In my over 23 years working with retailers, supply chain and distribution was always the unglamorous, hidden cost centre that lacked the importance and focus it deserved.

Recently, I presented to the board of oead more about ThreeSixty’s services ne of our large retail customers, challenging them to turn off for one week: marketing, finance, HR, buying and merchandising, and its slower stores. Then I said: ‘Now turn off your supply chain, manufacturing and DCs for a week.’ A light bulb went on.

I didn’t know Covid-19 was coming in prescribing that exercise, but when it did come, the crucial nature of supply chains was no longer just an exercise, and its importance is now apparent to those inside and outside the industry.

This global shock will force companies to re-think their business continuity plans around supply chains and promote another shift in our industry, impacting everything from inventory, property, transport, warehousing, people, technology and automation, access to capital, and flexible solutions and commercials to suit our new world.

Exciting times ahead!

Read more about ThreeSixty’s services here.

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